Hot wheels retro entertainment Pixar Onward Guinevere M4



This card has a crease see pic

More than 3/4 of the cases I opened with these vans in it had the vans either busted thru the blister or the blister is cracked. I will ship a crack free blister and will wrap in blue painters tape to help prevent any cracking to the blister however it’s not a guarantee so if it happens to crack in shipping can’t  offer refunds sorry about this but like I said I will do what I can to try and prevent it from happening 

We ship all items in nearly prefect condition unless otherwise specified. we do not guarantee that all packages are in pristine condition meaning that there is a possibility for slight creases, dents, soft corners

We take any and all precautions possible to make sure that we package and ship all packages to you so that it arrives in the best shape possible.

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